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By Jon Waldman on 05/29/2014

This week marks the annual Canadian Infertility Awareness Week, and for the staggering number of couples dealing with trouble having a child, this is a week to share information and start necessary conversations.

Statistics have shown that a startling 1 in 6 couples have trouble conceiving naturally, a number that is only growing. Thankfully, through organizations like the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada, couples today have a remarkable outlet for support, advice and advocacy for what can be extremely expensive procedures – a single run of In Vitro Fertilization, for example, can be in excess of $15,000.

Remarkably, one of the potential assists for couples dealing with infertility can be yoga. While the practice has been well known for relaxation – certainly an important component of dealing with the stress that unfortunately goes hand-in-hand with infertility – there has been exploration within the yoga community of ways to help men and women who are in this situation.

Among the reports came a study conducted in New Jersey. As reported by, a center in the city of New Brunswick implemented a program for patients, which included yoga, meditation, diet changes and group discussions. The results were amazing.

"Couples had a 50 percent fertility rate within one year of finishing the program," reported. "What made the results even more astounding is that regardless of the cause of the woman's inability to conceive, whether it was unexplained infertility or low sperm counts, participants were helped in encouragingly high numbers."

Yoga poses for fertility

supported headstandsupported shoulder standsupported bridge pose

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