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Intro to CrossFit
►  Movember 2013
►  NHL Ref Yoga Session
►  Stratusphere Escape Fall 2013 Retreat
►  Team Stratusphere conquers Met Con 2012
►  Team Stratusphere at Girls Night Out in support of Cancer Research
►  Stratusphere Potluck 2012
►  Trish and Team Stratusphere conquer Met Con 2012
►  Stratusphere Escape: Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain
►  Village at Vaughan Mills Tent Sale
►  Trish and Team Stratusphere lead mega yoga session at Boots & Hearts
►  Trish and Team Stratusphere at the 2011 canfit Pro Show
►  Green Acres Day Camp
►  Team Stratusphere kick off Easter Seals Relay 2010
►  Team Stratusphere support Pride Run 2010
►  Toronto Argonauts do a class with Trish
►  Toronto Maple Leafs visit Stratusphere
►  Toronto Fitness Challenge
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