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Interested in teaching at Stratusphere? Each class offered to our students is a unique experience crafted individually by our instructors who all draw from a variety of disciplines. If you'd like to become a part of teamstratusphere, please submit your resume

Please note, if you are selected, we will contact you by phone or email to schedule an appointment for an interview and sample class.


energyexchange program

Share your energy with Stratusphere and we'll share the energy of our amazing instructors and beautiful studio with you so you can grow your practice and be a part of our yoga community.

Become a part of teamstratusphere by contributing to the daily operations of Stratusphere by through our energyexchange program. You will be greeting students, giving tours and maintaining the overall cleanliness of the studio with the upkeep of both our change rooms and practice rooms. If you possess a skill set that you believe would be a valuable contribution to the energyexhange program, we are more than happy to consider it. Members of teamstratusphere frequently support Trish in a number of charity and media events, participation in any of these events or shows also qualify as hours towards the energyexchange program. Trish and her team at Stratusphere are committed to help empower people to make the right choices to live a healthy and balanced life. If that is something you want to be a part of, we would love to make you an official Stratuspherian!


Here's how our energyexchange program works:

  • Dedicate a minimum of 3 hours a week and you will get equal hours of classes as you contribute at the studio.
  • Dedicate over 6 hours a week and you will get unlimited access to all our classes and be entitled to teamstratusphere discounts on workshops and products.

We are looking for individuals who are as passionate and dedicated to our energyexchange program as they are their yoga practice. Therefore, we ask that you remain active in our community (ie come to classes) and we require a minimum 3 month commitment if you are interested in participating in our program.

If you think 'stratusphere fits your life' then fill out an application for our energyexhange program:


Please fill out the form below




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Please list your availability:

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1)       How long have you practiced yoga?


2)       How many days a week do you practice?


3)       What type of yoga do you practice?


4)       Do you have any other fitness areas of interest? Tell us how you like to get your sweat on:


5)       What do you hope to gain from participating in the Stratusphere energyexchange program


6)       6) What mad crazy skillz do you possess that will make you a valuable addition to teamstratusphere


7)       What are your personal, professional and health goals for the next year?


Finish the following sentences:

8)       I'm really good at...


9)       I love to...



BONUS question:

10)    What was Trish Stratus' former career?






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