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Initially Lina integrated yoga into her fitness regime, which consisted primarily of running and free weights, to improve her flexibility. But, as she began to practice more consistently, getting a taste of the varying styles of yoga, she found herself practicing more faithfully and eventually delved into the Ashtanga practice. Finding the mind-body connection positively affect her life both on and off the mat, Lina decided to pursue her certification training in the Ashtanga discipline.

Lina received her teacher certification from the renowned Downward Dog Yoga Studio and continued studying under such teachers as David Robson, Niki Doane and Eddie Modestini to name a few. Lina is also certified by Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strengthening Vinyasa Yoga, a style that uses dynamic core centered alignment and creative sequencing.

Lina is quickly becoming a favorite amongst moms-to-be at Stratusphere. Having received her certification primarily from Sasha Padrone and Dorothy Guerra, Lina helps her students feel empowered as they enter into the labor process. Using the techniques learned in class, Lina's students find themselves controlled in both their delivery and their journey into motherhood.

As a yoga teacher, Lina strives to provide a comfortable, stimulating and challenging environment. She aspires to empower, motivate and guide students to achieve their personal goals while enjoying and respecting their present practice.


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