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Physical fitness has been a part of Rebecca's life since her teen years. Upon completion of high school she enrolled in Humber College for Fitness and Health Promotion. It was during this time she became interested in yoga as a way to relieve stress and increase flexibility. Upon graduating she began personal training and continued to push herself into a heavy weight lifting routine. After about a year of hard training she began to experience joint pain and was recommended by her yoga instructor to lay off the heavy weights and focus more on bodyweight exercises and dynamic stretching. Rebecca's body began to heal itself and her joint pain and inflammation was severely reduced. In March 2011, Rebecca had the opportunity to attend Teacher Training with Downward Dog in Mexico.

In April 2011, Rebecca began teaching yoga to people from all ages and walks of life. Her background in personal training and understanding of the body has taught Rebecca that each body is unique. Rebecca believes that by respecting the body and knowing one's limits is a safe yet effective way to practice. Her unique classes combine elements of dynamic stretching, strength and self-massage techniques to soften the body and relax the mind.

Rebecca is dedicated to helping others eliminate pain while increasing strength and flexibility through yoga postures and pranayama breathing. She is also a certified personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Spin Instructor certified through Schwinn. In her free time she enjoys mountain biking, relaxing at the cottage and traveling.


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