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Throughout her childhood Sandy was interested in sports, ever since her first school tryout at age ten she has been involved in sport or practice. For eight years she played volleyball, including both school and competitive league volleyball with a National Championship. For seventeen years Sandy was also involved with weight training. competing in bodybuilding contests with a first place finish in 1999 and a third place finish in 2001. On top of all that, she also completed her teacher training course at Mad Dogg Spinning and taught spin classes for a year.

Sandy first discovered yoga in the fall of 2002. She started with gentle hatha yoga and now practices vigorous, restorative and yin yoga. Sandy works with all types of students including the elderly, and people with developmental and physical disabilities. She completed her teacher training at the Downward Dog yoga centre. Sandy loves being a student and teacher of yoga. Students are encouraged to make choices, practice mindfully and with modifications when needed. Yoga can be adapted to suit everyone.

While teaching, this lululemon ambassador likes to emphasizes that yoga is a very personal practice. She creates a comfortable environment, where students are encouraged to practice at their own level. In her opinion, the key benefit of yoga is recognizing and respecting your own abilities without the ego. Enjoy your practice as it is NOW. She believes that practicing yoga makes room in the mind for clearer thinking, and also benefits all aspects of people's lives.


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